Richard Baker, artist, b.1948

Figurative artist working from a studio in Cambridge UK. For this web site I have divided examples of my work into the following categories: Garden and Landscape, Rivers and Sea, Cambridge, London, Still Life and Botanical and Life Drawings

Painting in the garden of the Old Vicarage, Grantchester (photo taken by Chris Lockwood)

Still life, oil on gessoed board

Do please explore the large collection of images of my work on Flickr, arranged in various albums divided into paintings of places, gardens, people, still life and botanical compositions. My life drawings are best seen in this Google photo album.

I grew up and went to school in Portsmouth and Southsea and my early work was produced around that area. I often painted beach scenes, the docks and the surrounding countryside plus portraits of family and friends. Here are some of my Portsmouth and Southsea paintings and drawings in a Google photo album (most of which I still have).

For a cv and a summary of exhibitions etc please see this page .

I welcome enquiries about my paintings and drawings but generally I am reluctant to send work out. I have mostly sold through small galleries, art societies and personal contact. Showing my work and inviting people to visit my studio has been difficult during the pandemic but I hope to have more exhibitions in 2022. I am interested in hearing about exhibition opportunities and secluded sketching locations near Cambridge.

I am also very active on Twitter and I have a Facebook page and Instagram

I can be contacted on or via any of my social media links.

There's a lot of my work out there so please ask if you want me to identify any paintings that might be mine. Early work is often signed "R.E.Baker".

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