Richard Baker, artist, b.1948

Themed collections (more to come): my gardenwaterCambridgeStill life and Botanical

Here's a collection of my Portsmouth and Southsea paintings and drawings on Google

I have been painting and exhibiting for a long time in Cambridge UK and further afield. My work is quite diverse and has been sold fairly widely over the years. I have a large collection of images of my work on Flickr arranged in various albums, divided into paintings of places, gardens, people, still life and botanical compositions. I have also always enjoyed painting portraits, mostly of friends and family and a handful of commissions. Life drawing has been a continuous activity for several decades.

For a summary of exhibitions etc please see this pdf file. I welcome enquiries about my paintings and drawings but as a rule I am reluctant to send work out. I have mostly sold through small galleries, art societies and personal contact. Showing my work and inviting people to visit my studio has been difficult during the pandemic but I hope to have more exhibitions in 2022. I am interested in hearing about exhibition opportunities and secluded sketching locations near Cambridge.

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